Never Gone

I never thought the passing of a musician would ever have such an impact on me, but the passing of Tom Petty has effected me more than I could ever imagine. His music has been a big part of my life and has been such an impact on my music tastes and playing. So in… Continue reading Never Gone

What a day

I guess that is the only way to say it….’what a day’. From the tragedies of last night in Las Vegas to finding out today that Tom Petty passed away I only new one way to make things better and that was with some music from Tom Petty himself and a beer. My heart goes… Continue reading What a day

Great day

Well, it was a hot but gorgeous day, sometimes wee just need good friends and times to make a day feel complete, Today was filled with some exercise and balloons, the hot air type. A small town where I live has a hot air balloon festival, for lack of better terms, with 3 hot air… Continue reading Great day